Wavelength selection Intelligent Filter Modules (IFM)
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Wavelength selection Intelligent Filter Modules (IFM)
Light source Pulsed Xenon lamp with press-to-read operation
Expected life of lamp No replacement required in normal operation
Raw fluorescence readings Yes
Concentration standard curve Blank + up to 6 standards
Kinetics, timed option In both raw fluorescence and concentration modes
Kinetics options 1 reading every 3 to 999 seconds
No. methods stored 20
No. results stored 100 per method
GLP Method lock with password access. Time and date stamped results. Last calibration date and time stored. Calibration interval set. Calibration due reminder. User ID
Outputs RS232
PC software Compatible with DataWay (option)
Sample handling 10mm square cuvette holder (standard). Heated sample holder (option). Sipper pump (option)
Power supply 90 to 230V universal mains adapter 12V DC input
Size (w x d x h) 365 x 272 x 160mm
Weight 6kg

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